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Making Luxury a Standard

Juman Group is a leading company specialized in luxury products solutions for Residential, Commercial and Hospitality sectors. Based in Dubai, Juman Group has evolved in hundreds of projects in the Middle East with alliance of world class companies such as interior designers, IPTV/ Smart homes companies and system integrators.

Juman Group provides consultation, designs, project management, installation, and support. Our mission is to redefine the concept of luxury with a unique valued collection of products and solutions. We are always in a race with time and technology to ensure to our clients' state of the art solutions and to deliver outstanding and exceptional value.

We at Juman Group have spent many years bringing a unique collection of exclusive brands; it all came from our desire for creativity and to add a luxury lifestyle touch everywhere, villas, hotels, malls, corporates, restaurants, beauty salons, spas, yachts and there are no limits that can stop us from reaching our goals of Making Luxury a Standard.

  • Waterproof TV
  • Mirror TV
  • Outdoor TV
  • Jewel Piano
  • Lomence Piano
  • Lighting
  • Magnifying Mirrors
  • Video Walls

Waterproof TV

Platinum Vision Waterproof TV IP66 rated, is designed to adapt to damp environments, such as the bathroom, kitchen, sauna, Jacuzzi. Platinum Vision Waterproof TV series has been widely used in luxury hotels, high-end residences and commercial spaces.

Waterproof TV can be delivered with many different finishes to fit any décor; it can be with a finish of silver mirror, black mirror, white mirror, or any finish according to requirements.

Available in different sizes, with different installation methods to satisfy all tastes and fulfil every requirement, it can be installed flushed, recessed, or on Wall with a very unique aluminium housing and very easy installaion method.

Bathroom TVs can also be designed with built-in Android system to maximize the level of entertainement.

Mirror TV

Platinum Vision Mirror TV is the perfect hybrid between special coating glass and slim LCD/ LED TV. When the TV is turned on, the Vanishing Mirror instantly becomes an HDTV. You can enjoy your favorite TV programs. When the TV is turned off, the Magic Mirror presents itself back into normal. The natural combination of the Magic Mirror and the HDTV presents a wonderful effect.

With TV sizes available from 10" up to 82" and Mirror sizes customized to requirements in different types and colors, Mirror TV can be featured in many environments and in different concept designs to fit any décor, Elevator MIrror TVs, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Lobby, Hotels, LED Lighted MIrrors..etc.

Touch Mirror TV is also available and compatible with all Operating systems such as Windows, Android & Mac OS.

Mirror TV is a customised product with limitless possibilities to go along with any design & requirement.


Outdoor TV

Platinum Vision Outdoor TV is designed for outdoor environments, where normal TVs typically don't work, such as a garden or backyard, the outside of a restaurant or pub, near Swimming pool or any outdoor public area.

Outdoor TV has been manufactured in accordance with international waterproof and dustproof standards IP68. It is built with an anti-theft and anti-reflective design to protect the TV against vandalism, theft or accidental damage, as well as harsh outdoor conditions such as rain, snow, wind and dust. With a bright LED screen, the Outdoor TV screen is extremely clear even in direct sunlight.

Jewel Piano

JEWEL PIANO, the Art of Luxury Pianos, adding a modern yet genuine luxurious lifestyle for Hotels, Palaces, Villas, Shopping Malls and Yachts. JEWEL PIANO aspires to provide not only an instrument that plays spellbinding sparkling music, but also a handcrafted piece of art. JEWEL PIANO transforms German pianos old-world craftsmanship into artistry modern age –instrument combined with the latest technologies to provide magnificent musical and visual experience.

JEWEL PIANO commitment to excellence is evident in every note, every small detail, and every expression to all senses. Please Visit www.jewelpiano.com


Lomence Piano

Lomence Pianos - The Original Modern Crystal Pianos

With the cooperation from some of Europe's finest piano manufacturers, and the best materials sourced from Germany, Japan, Canada and China, Lomence Pianos are solidly fixed as a leader in today's modern piano manufacturing industry.

Bringing together the finest aspects of piano craftsmanship and the latest in modern design, Lomence Modern Crystal Piano has integrated cutting-edge technology with traditional piano manufacturing to produce the next generation of pianos.

With very nice colorful designs, Lomence Pianos bring Joy for both ear and eye, in Villas, Hotels, Schools, Resturants, it adds a unique luxury value to the design and a passion to play.

Lomence Modern Pianos Finally availabe in the Middle east - UAE, Dubai & Abudhabi


Juman Group Lighting offers all kinds of Decorative & Architectural Lighting; we are specializing in Architectural Lighting & customized decorative Chandeliers & Table/Floor lamps. Most of our products are customized to perfection according to project requirements.

Magnifying Mirrors

LYVI Magnifying Mirror, available in 3X & 5X& 7X magnification, with multiple designs and possibilities for LED lighting, mounting options, perfect for Hotels bath-rooms & residential.

*Please ask us for LYVI Magnifying Mirror catalogue and we will be pleased to send it to you.

Video Walls

Juman Interactive Solutions presents seamless Video Wall solutions that are specifically designed to deliver magnificent visuals & Spectacular experience. Video walls (indoor & outdoor) usually used to increase customers engagements and impact & attract target audience to the corporate image in a prestigious style.

Video walls are used mostly in corporate lobbies, retail shops, malls, outdoor advertising signage, sales showrooms & many more locations.

Juman interactive solutions offer the best digital solutions &softwares to match along with video walls tailored to clients’ needs and requirements.

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